Ice Cube had a good day, i had a good week

Universitetet jag och Klara bor vid.

So it's been a good week, a tiresome week, a week where I have felt weak, as it were. It has however been giving in terms of judo. I've made some progress, especially when it comes to the technique and I've been able to apply it in situations where I've struggled before. I think I might have produced the best uchi-mata in my fighting career. Which felt awesome. And that's the good part of the week. As for me feeling weak I think it might be a bit of fatigue, not from the training but from the studying. Since I'm not working here in Paris studying and the csn is where I get my money from which makes it quite important to keep in phase with. But as most of you know I find judo way more fun than studying so it's hard to focus on that.
And I don't think I've mentioned it before but I'm studying economics, entrepreneurship to be precise, and french. However the only thing I learnt for sure is to say that I can’t speak french. “Je ne parler france”. I say that a lot, haha.
Apart from my boredom with studying though, I find my time here very fulfilling. The french do not live up to their reputation of being arrogant and unwelcoming, far from it. Everyone I've met have been very nice and friendly, helpful even. But I guess that's down to me meeting lot's of judo-people. It might sound like I'm glotyfing them but I feel that most people that do judo are actually very nice and decent people. Though it might come from the love we share of dressing up in weird clothing and grunting a lot that makes me favour them. Jokes aside, there is I think, friendship to be found when you spill sweat together and challenge each other physically in the way that we do on a judo mat. Since you're so intimate when wrestling it would be weird if you didn't act more intimate with other judokas than you usually do with strangers.  And through the judo I now know more people on the mat than I thought I would after a month. Apart from it being fun making new friends I also think it improves the training when you can have fun with your sparring partners. 

Paris is a beautiful city and living in the swedish student home me and Klara find ourselves very close to the heart of the city, so I've got to say that the living arrangements couldn’t be better. Of course we share a fridge with the rest of our flat mates and someone keeps turning the temperature down so all my onions turned to onion ice cubes. I know that might sound like a minor issue but I happen to like onions a lot and I use it in almost every dish I make. I do about everything with onions when it comes to food, except for eating them like apples (I have however considered it when I've been too tired to walk to the store to buy cooking supplies but I’ve opted against it. So far..), so you might understand my frustration with finding frozen onions in my fridge.

There's only a week left , not of frozen onions but until the european cup in Zürich. I am very much looking forward to this competition though I have a bit of a weird feeling. I can't really put my finger on it but I'm sure it's gonna disappear in time cos I'm determined to start off this new year and new campaign in a good way. As I said the Danish open was a really good competition to start off with as it gave me, Olle and Klara a couple of things to analyse and think about for the european cup coming up. I'm really fired up!

I haven't really kept contact with many people from back home which is a little sad but at the same time quite freeing as I only focus on my judo and I really hope it pays dividends in the coming months.

/ Emil